Emiliana’s Journal: 6 Months

Where did the time go? 6 months ago, I had a little baby who couldn’t do anything for herself and today I have this grown baby who wants to be so independent, she’s ready to run before she can even crawl. I must say I have enjoyed every second of the last 6 months, but I am not quite ready for my baby to be so grown.

Emiliana sits all on her own, rolls all over the place, and does this very funny worm crawl ( uses her face and legs to move herself around). If it was up to her she would be walking everywhere now. She needs to grab everything that is in front of her, near her, or in someone else’s hand.

We spend our days playing, peek-a-boo is a never ending game, that never loses its amusement. Oreo, the dog, continues to be great way to get her laughing. We enjoy our walks in the park and this past month Emiliana and I have started going to a library story time for babies once a week. That has been so much fun, she enjoys seeing all the other babies, dancing, and reading.

The most memorable moments of the month:

First trip to the zoo, she was asleep for the first little bit but once she woke up all the animals were so fun to look at. Emiliana’s favorite were the monkeys, watching them swing around had her so entertained.

First Food, we decided to go with rice cereal as her first solid food, she was unsure of how she felt about it and is still getting used to the whole idea of solid foods.


First time on the Swings, another thing she was very unsure about but ended up enjoying it


First Valentines day


Explored Downtown Dallas

Every day that passes Emiliana amazes us even more. She gets smarter, stronger and more beautiful everyday. She has the sweetest, most adventurous spirit. Everyday is a new adventure.


One thought on “Emiliana’s Journal: 6 Months

  1. Hey! I just found your blog. I love your journals! They’re going to be a wonderful memory for your baby when she’s a bit older! You gave me some great ideas on what to do with my LO, too! I’ll catch up with more of your stories for sure 🙂

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