Cheap or Free Date Ideas

In an attempt to save up our budgeted date money for our upcoming wedding anniversary (2 year anniversary for those wondering), Dylan and I have decided to forgo our date money this month so we can have a little more of an extravagant anniversary. That being said, I still want to go on dates!

Here are some of the date ideas that I compiled that require no money and few that require just a little bit of money.

Free and at Home:

  1. Netflix & Cuddle (I prefer this one during the winter when it’s not boiling hot outside, but still a good time)
  2. Try out a new recipe together. Adding new recipes to your arsenal are always beneficial, especially as your family grows. Why not try them with your significant other?
  3. Play board games, you can even invite some friends. This may seem childish, but if you get the right group of friends, they are no longer board games, but declarations of war against your friends.
  4. Hold a Mario Kart Tournament, loser cleans the kitchen for a week. But to be honest, Dylan and I still lose to the CPU, so we both end up cleaning the kitchen together. 
  5. Create playlists for certain scenarios (road trips, cleaning the house, etc.). This is a lot harder than you think…

Free Outside:

  1. Go on a hike and pack a picnic.
  2. Go to a pool, whether it’s your own or a community pool.
  3. Go people watching (you know you love it!) and make it a game.
  4. Drive away from the city and go stargazing, pack some snacks, along with some blankets and pillows.
  5. Find free community events.

Options for Las Vegas Residents during the summer:

  • Summerlin Sounds in Downtown Summerlin on Wednesdays’
  • The Container Park does movie nights on Thursdays’
  • First Friday Las Vegas

Less than $10:

  1. Rent a movie from Redbox and get some ice cream
  2. Go to a farmers market (I always end up buying something, that’s what the $10 is for)
  3. Do an art project together (watercolor, puzzle, cake design) 
  4. Do a dollar store date! Dylan and I like to see what things they have for cheap that we can get there instead of the regular store.
  5. Have an “iron chef” competition

Saving money doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. So whether it’s because you’re on a tight budget, or just trying to save money, there’s always a way to have a good time with your significant other. What other ideas do you have for good date ideas that are budget friendly?

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