Family Visit

This past week has been wonderful. My amazing family came to visit us in Las Vegas. It started with the arrival of my mom and little sister who drove in from Texas over the course of two days. We spent a few days just the 4 of us catching up and enjoying each others company. We played board games, A LOT of Mario Cart, and spent many hours talking. My mom and little sister decided to go visit my aunt and cousins in California for a day while we waited for the rest of my family to come on Friday. When my mom and little sister came back on Friday, we decided to go grocery shopping for all seven of us at Dylan and I’s favorite Mexican tienda. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of meat we got (primarily for Dylan and my dad).

As soon as we got done shopping, my two brothers who drove from Utah and Idaho told us they were minutes away. I was so excited to start getting everyone together! About an hour later my dad flew in from Texas and was having some difficulty navigating his way through the airport but who hasn’t had that problem before? The whole family was together for the first time since last year in July when they all came to Rexburg for Dylan and I’s graduation. It was a full house in our apartment but it was worth it to have everyone be together.

Thankfully, the dreadful heat of the desert disappeared on Saturday and we were able to go to Red Rock and climb and hike around on those beautiful red rocks. I’m not much for physical activities, but I love climbing rocks, ever since I was a little kid! Luckily the whole family loves climbing and adventuring, especially Dylan (even if he gets too protective of me when climbing). Then, after we got tired of climbing and exploring, we went home for lunch (take the required nap by all the boys) and prepared to go wander the Strip because it’s always better at night when all the lights are on.

When we got to the strip, the walking began (Dylan and I looked at each other and began to sing the 500-mile song), we decided to go to the Venitian because we all wanted to try Black Tap shakes (thanks Facebook ads). However, after going around all the stores from clothes, shoes, accessories and whatever else you could think of, we finally made it to Black Tap and the wait was over an hour long. We decided to leave and try somewhere else, after throwing ideas around, my dad said “Que tal Tacos el Gordo?” (How about Tacos el Gordo?). My dad had been telling us he wanted to go there and I’m sure was waiting for the right moment to bring it up.

As we made it to Tacos el Gordo (seriously though, their tacos are amazing), the line wrapped around the whole place and we didn’t know where it started because there were three different ones. We looked around the room and finally found it in the craziness (side note: the sign said max occupancy 79 people, there was way more). After over an hour of waiting (with my dad eating half his tacos at the ordering stand out of excitement), we finally got our tacos around midnight and my dad finally had his itch scratched.

On Sunday we relaxed the whole day. We talked, played games, napped and simply enjoyed each others company. Sometimes I feel like there is this idea that we have to be out doing something when we are all together that we really don’t get to enjoy each other and ask how everyone is doing, share stories or just laugh. As night came around, we decided to end the family reunion the best way we know how, with a barbeque! My dad and Dylan took care of the meats; ribs, carne asada, salchichas, and so much more! My mom and I made the salsa, pico de gallo, and my new favorite drink strawberry-limeade! It took awhile, but once we had everyone around the table for dinner, it felt like home (and it was delicious)! After dinner, we went watched Coco. Turns out it’s a really cute movie, I was a little reluctant to watch it because The Book of Life is Dylan and I’s special movie and I didn’t like how similar they looked. Overall though, I enjoyed the concept and art of it.

The weekend went by so quickly and soon it was time for everyone to head back to their regularly scheduled lives. It was great to be able to have my family here and get a little bit of Texas even if just for a week. There’s nothing better than getting to spend time with people you love, and I’m so grateful that everyone was able to take time out of their schedules to come and spend some time with us.

What are some of the things you like to do when you see your family? Do you prefer to be on the go, or just sit back and relax together? If you have any good ideas let me know!

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