Five Things I Can’t Live Without

It’s time to get a little more personal. I realize you have gotten to know my hobbies, likes and dislikes and things along that nature, but I haven’t shared some personal details. We all have those things that we would just die if we didn’t have them. Well maybe not die, but they sure do make life easier and comfortable. For me, they range from technology to pillows.

  • Family: Starting with my wonderful husband, who is my greatest support and source of encouragement. Along with my family and my in-laws, I have the best cheerleading section to ever exist. Not everyone has the greatest family, and often times rely on extended family or friends, whoever your family is, make sure you let them know you are grateful for them! 
  • My phone: smartphones are a great invention! The whole world fits in my pocket. It’s not necessarily that I’m addicted to it, but c’mon, it has music, GPS, information, videos, social media, games and a ton of other apps and things. Sadly our who life revolves around them, so remember to look up! Here’s a great video about looking up from your smartphone! Look Up
  • Me time: this is what keeps me sane and why “me time” is so important. Whether it’s sitting and watching a show (currently watching Vampire Diaries), taking a bath (never forget the bath bombs and candles), or just taking a nap. I NEED my me time. Everyone deserves time for themselves. It allows you to think about your thoughts, figure things out, relieve stress, or work on personal projects, or whatever else you need. Make room in your schedule for yourself. 
  • My Heart Pillow: I cannot sleep without it. I take it on every trip and use it every night. The heart shape allows it to fit perfectly in my neck and keep me from waking up with a stiff neck. My mom bought this pillow for me so long ago as a Valentine’s present, it even came with a blanket! (that’s long gone) Heart Pillow is still going strong. I’m not very sentimental, but this is something that will unleash the beast if you take it away. 
  • Air Conditioning/Heater: I would not be able to live in a world without A/C and heating. I don’t like extreme weather and I like to be in control of my surroundings. Especially living in Las Vegas, AC is necessary. Honestly though, how did people do it hundreds of years ago? Perhaps that’s why they are some of the greatest people that lived, AC/heater and indoor plumbing have made us weak (you get what I mean).

We have our own things that we need that not only make our lives easier but give it the joy that we all desire. For example, a couple things my husband can’t do without are his guitar (I really like his cheesy songs and just to hear him play), and Oreos. I mean, it’s kind of scary how many he can eat if you give him a glass of milk. What are the 5 things you can’t live without?

2 thoughts on “Five Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. I’m like you I have to have AC and heat because one minute I’m cold the next minute im blazing hot! My family is my most important thing I need to have they are my happy place and I love them more than anything even when they’ve hurt me made me angry there still what gives me joy! My me time is reading a good book all else fails a good book is what makes me have a little peace and quiet serenity I actually love reading in the bathtub on my kendle. My last thing I have to have my donuts even when I’m dieting I got have a doughnut it’s my comfort food!

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