Emiliana’s Journal: 1 Month

It’s crazy that it’s already been a month since Emiliana was born. One month with the most perfect, sweetest little girl. This month has been such a crazy ride. NEWBORNS ARE NO JOKE. We have been fortunate enough to have amazing mothers who took time out of their own lives to come help us during this time of transitioning into parenthood. My mom stayed with … Continue reading Emiliana’s Journal: 1 Month

Pregnancy Journey: Third Trimester

It’s crazy to think that my pregnancy is over! 9 months came and went! The third trimester truly was an experience. Emiliana got much stronger in her movements and much bigger, I finally “popped”! The biggest discomfort was swollen feet. And I finally had my first and only craving! Everything had been pretty good with the pregnancy, the worst of the third trimester being my … Continue reading Pregnancy Journey: Third Trimester

Pregnancy Journey: All The Baby Classes

During the month of July, Dylan and I attended a variety of free baby preparation classes that were held by a local hospital here in Las Vegas. Overall it was a pleasant experience and I feel like I learned something from each one but were they really necessary? My friend from work who recently had her baby told me about the classes and how she … Continue reading Pregnancy Journey: All The Baby Classes

Pregnancy Journey: Pregnancy Apps

When I found out I was pregnant I downloaded so many pregnancy apps. Of course, some were better than others, and some were just not helpful or didn’t meet my needs. I used the ones that I decided worked for me throughout the whole pregnancy and deleted the ones that I didn’t use about half way through the pregnancy to free up space on my … Continue reading Pregnancy Journey: Pregnancy Apps

Pregnancy Journey: My Pregnancy Must Haves

During this past couple of months, I have discovered some products that I feel made my pregnancy easier and just helped overall. My biggest issue with pregnancy is dry skin. I was getting these huge dry patches everywhere and my skin was so dry that I was itchy which lead to scratching and then bleeding so really, a lot of my products are things that … Continue reading Pregnancy Journey: My Pregnancy Must Haves

Valentine’s and Our Big Announcement

Last Thursday was Valentine’s Day and it truly was a day filled with love. It was a pretty eventful day all around. It started with work, which normally would be an average day but my job is pretty awesome we had a full Valentine’s Day party! We had Valentine mailboxes that everyone added candy and little cards to just like back in the day when … Continue reading Valentine’s and Our Big Announcement