Emiliana’s Journal: 5 Months

Another month with our princess has come and gone! She is now 5 months! How can this be possible?

Emiliana is our greatest joy, every morning that we wake up to her is just filled with smiles, giggles and squeals. I absolutely adore that she is using her voice so much more. Emiliana is so vocal, she needs to be a part of all the conversations, if not she will remind you that she is there and to include her with a fake cough. She has so much to say and she will be heard!

Her favorite things haven’t changed much this month, but we added two more! One, going for walks at the park and looking at the ducks. She tries to talk to them and loves when they take off flying. We try to go for a walk in the park as often as we can when the weather permits. Two, my little sister’s dog Oreo. She always gets a good strong laugh when we play with him. We will chase him around the house, make him spin in circles or sit Emiliana on his back while he walks around. She loves to just stare at him and thinks he is the funniest thing.

Emiliana likes to sit in her bumbo. Whether it be to sit and watch me make dinner or to watch everyone eat dinner. She just wants to be a part of all the action. During dinner she will try to reach for everyone’s food.

Bath time has been moved from the kitchen counter to the bathtub because the splash zone was getting to be too much. Emiliana now has the freedom to splash all she wants without making the clean up be a difficult process.


This month memorable moments:

Christmas Sunday

Emilianas First Christmas81433380_1303340823179249_4821792343919165440_n

Emilianas First New Years

Trip to Magnolias Market in Waco

4 month shots, She had a hard time with these and was a moody baby, which is unusual for her, for almost 4 days. 83503322_872945939792752_2164783140613128192_n

Every day that passes she just gets smarter, stronger and more beautiful. It has been so fun to get to spend my days with her and see the wonderful creation that she is.83209166_168729437691774_4929826993505042432_n (1)




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