Christmas Party Games

One of my favorite things about going to a Christmas party is getting to play all the silly games (second to the food of course). Games are a way to bring everyone together in a relaxed and comfortable setting as well as a way to make friends. Back when I lived at home with my parents, I was in charge of coming up with the games everyone was going to play after dinner. Growing up in a Mexican household, we did Christmas at midnight and didn’t really do the whole Santa thing (this will be complicated with Dylan because Santa was a huge part of his childhood, so we will see with our children). I took this job very seriously, I would prepare weeks in advance. Since Christmas time is here, and there will be multiple family parties, work parties, parites with friends and more, I thought I would share a few of my favorite since we are basically in holiday party galore right now!

  1. A favorite of mine is to play charades, in my family we always do movies because they are the funniest to watch someone act out, but any topic would be entertaining. At home we would do parents versus children, since most of the kids were teenagers or old enough to grasp the game. It made for some fun competition!
  2. Another fun game is to wrap plastic wrap and some tape,not to much on the tape or it gets too difficult, a prize along with a lot of other treats mixed in there until there is a giant ball of difficult mess. Get a pair of oven mitts and a dice and you have a lengthy game that will cause lots of laughs! The point is to get to the center prize but you have to unravel the tape and plastic wrap while wearing the oven mitts and the next person trying to roll “X” number on the dice which is decided on the beginning of the game. Once the net person gets that “X” number they have to put the oven mitts on and try to unravel before the next person rolls the number and so on until someone gets the center prize.
  3. Another classic game that we play is Loteria, it’s basically Mexican bingo but instead of letters and numbers there’s artistic colorful pictures and fun characters like “la dama” or “el valiente”. The competition is intense and we would play for candys and bragging rights.
  4. Another is olympic style games, for example: You have to race across the floor on a towel (if you have tile floor) going to the end of somewhere and back, then you have to eat a doughnut hanging from a string, then you have to solve a clue and so on and so forth, this can be made to fit whatever games you like.
  5. Trivia! Honestly the best is Friends Trivia. I mean, it is so popular that Netflix just spent $100,000,000 to keep it for another year before it leaves…sooooo yeah. But if not Friends, Disney!

I made a charade list for you to use so you don’t have to think of anything. If you want to be creative, go ahead and use the extras I made at the end!

Download “Charades”

Honestly, the Christmas season is about being with friends, family, helping others, and if you are religious, remembering the birth of our savior. So the “too cool for school” act should be out right now! We can all be weird, have fun, and come closer to one another! Do you have any games you like to play? I always want new games to play so let me know your favorite holiday party game!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Party Games

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  2. I loved that game of going across the floor ona towel eating a doughnut I know who is going to be in charge the next family party great ideas!


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