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La Familia Howard: Life Update

Oh Man, It’s been a while hasn’t it, but I am back! Feeling refreshed, motivated, and ready to take on anything! The last couple of months have been equal amounts of eventful and ordinary. We did a lot of bowling, turns out Emiliana loves to bowl.  We got to celebrate Thanksgiving with the whole Howard family. We finally have an updated family photo! Saw lots … Continue reading La Familia Howard: Life Update

Movies to Bring Christmas Cheer

This weekend I have binged watched so many Christmas movies to help get into the Christmas cheer! When it is sunny, I feel this need to go outside and do stuff and during Christmas, I just want to stay inside, enjoy the warmth and bright Christmas tree, cookies, hot chocolate, and all the cheery stuff. Living here in Vegas though, people typically think it is … Continue reading Movies to Bring Christmas Cheer