In Case You Ruined Christmas, Here Are Some Last Minute Gift Ideas

We are a week away from Christmas and it’s crunch time! If you are one of the super planners, got it all together and are just cruising until Christmas, GO YOU! If you procrastinated and are short on ideas for gift ideas, I am here for YOU! This year, I am pretty sure I ruined Christmas…story time!

I usually am more of the super planner and all my gifts are ready to go by now but this year I don’t know what happened! Since I work full time and when I get off work I am in no mood to go shopping (Dylan is the brick and mortar shopper) I thought this year I would go the online route like so many others. Well, I messed that one up real quick! I don’t know where my mind was when I placed the orders but I put the wrong apartment number for delivery and didn’t notice until the day of delivery, which at that point it was much too late to change the delivery address.

By the time I got home from work the apartment who’s number I put down had already rejected everything and it was all sent back to their respective shipping companies. Saying I was frustrated and disappointed doesn’t even cut it, I know it was my mistake and all of the companies were super helpful in getting refunds and reshipments, but I was still very upset about the whole thing, it made me rethink buying anything online ever again (probably not true but for the rest of this season I’ll stick to brick and mortar shopping). So since I lost more than half of my gifts in the grand mishap of 2018, I am super behind on my gift list. That being said, here are some last minute gifts in case you need something good!

  1. Cologne Sampler from Sephora: This gives you a ton of cologne to try and find that new scent your man (or you) want then you get a free large one of your choice!
  2. Electronic Accessories: This can range from computer monitors, styluses, keyboards for IPads or Tablets etc.
  3. Items for Their Hobby: For Dylan, his favorite thing to do is record songs he makes, so I like to find things that help give new effects such as strings for his guitar, a capo, and other things that help him write new songs with new sounds!
  4. Subscriptions: This one may sound dumb, but people love subscriptions to things! Whether it is makeup, Xbox/Playstation online, Spotify/Apple music there are tons of options!
  5. Headphones: If your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend are rocking a crappy pair of headphones, it’s safe to say they will be happy with new and super good ones. Especially wireless they can use during work, a run etc. so they don’t fall out and rip their ears off in the process.
  6. Video Games or Makeup: This is a go-to for a lot of boys and girls. If they don’t know what to do, and if both were paying attention to the others shopping habits and wants they can easily go get them one of there!
  7. A Heartfelt Letter and Dinner: A lot of men and women really don’t care what they get as long as it comes from the heart. Yes, gifts are nice, but nothing beats something personal.

My hope is none of you will go through what I went through because I about had a breakdown when I told Dylan. As I saw him gradually put those awfully wrapped gifts under the tree I could see he was trying so hard to give me a great Christmas and I ruined his. He hugged me and assured me everything was alright (cause that’s what I wanted to hear), but that as long as I was with him this Christmas and every Christmas he doesn’t need presents. It made me so happy that I married him and he is so loving and patient with me and helps me through my problems! All that being said…I have a week until Christmas and I am going to get him something! GO! GO! GO!

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