My Favorite Things from January to March


I love looking at other people’s lists of favorite things, so I’m excited to share the things that made my life easier, better, or just brought joy to me during these past 3 months. I decided to pick one item for each category.

ClothingQuilted Sneakers; these have been popular for a while but I just got a pair, they are perfect for everyday use, are comfy and stylish. They completely replaced my TOMS which were my previous go-to shoes. Now every time I go out, I am slipping these on.

Beauty FAB Pure Skin Face Cleanser; I have been putting on focus on skincare since the start fo the year and this cleanser leaves my skin looking and feeling clean.

Fragrance BBW eucalyptus rain candle; it smells like what a rainy spring morning would smell like. It has a clean, relaxing and calm feeling.

Book – The Thank You Project by Nancy Davis Kho; I picked up this book at the library because the title stood out to me. I just finished reading it, and I feel super motivated to do my own “Thank You Project”.

Show – Boy Meets World on Disney+; I remember watching reruns when I was a kid, but the lessons were lost on me then. Rewatching it as an adult, I got to say, there are some good life lessons in there. Everyone needs a Mr. Feeny in their lives. #Cory&Topanga4ever

Music Mood booster playlist on Spotify; This playlist was a great find, it has upbeat music and every time I play it I have a boost in my mood.

Instagram account Momcast; I found Momcast on Instagram when the Coronavirus was just getting started. Emma Jade delivers the news in easy to chew, bite sizes, gives direct and to the point facts and leaves out all the scary feelings the news tends to leave people with. She has been covering the Coronavirus along with other news that is going on. I never watch the actual news because it makes me feel terrible but Momcast does a great job of getting me the information that I should know without putting me in a place of fear. Probably one of my favorite finds in this post!

Tell me in the comments below what your favorite things have been, I’d love to know!

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Things from January to March

  1. I didn’t even know this was a thing! 🙂 thanks for an awesome post! I haven’t been doing much of other stuff, but my favorite book is by far The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. It’s eye-opening!

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  2. I’ve been looking thru All my old books on my Kindle just looking for something that’s funny easy read because that’s just what I need right now But I’m gonna look up the book that you mentioned that seems good.

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