Things to do while “Sheltering in Place”

Happy Friday! Normally this would be a post filled with events that are happening in the DFW area during April but this month, like last month is a little different. With the spread of the coronavirus happening so quickly, most people have either been ordered to or voluntarily chosen to shelter in place. Meaning no going out except for essentials. That being said, most events and locations are canceled or closed. So rather than a round-up of events, here’s a round-up of ideas for entertainment at home!

Things to as a family

  • Play board games or if you or your kids are creative enough, make your own board game!
  • Go for a walk, ride bikes
  • Cook dinner or bake together, get everyone involved in the kitchen.
  • Have a movie night, lay out blankets and pillows, make some popcorn and enjoy.

Things to as a couple

  • Have a date night. After you put the kids to bed, do something just the two of you. We might not be able to go out but romance is still alive.
  • Find a series or movie that you can watch together.

Things to do for yourself

  • GET UP AND GET DRESSED! It makes the world of the difference, I feel not only more motivated to do things but I feel happier.
  • Take the time to do a face mask
  • Give yourself a manicure or pedicure
  • Watch a show or movie you never had the time to watch before.
  • Get your body moving, do some sort of exercise.
  • Read a book.
  • If you are a bath person take a bath, light candle and play relaxing music to just unwind at the end of the day.
  • Work on a new skill or perfect an old skill.

Things to do for your home

  • Get some spring cleaning done.
  • Do those home improvement projects you keep adding to your list but never have the time to do.
  • Do some yard work, another reason to get outside for a while.

I hope everyone is safe, healthy and happy during these trying times!

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