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It is Okay to Have Personal Time in Relationships and Marriage

One of the things that I look forward too (most of the time) is coming home to my husband! He will listen to my complaints, hug me, play with me and just make my day all around better. However, apart from men and women being different, as individuals, we have our own things we like to do and enjoy. And honestly, sometimes your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend … Continue reading It is Okay to Have Personal Time in Relationships and Marriage

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Road Trip Playlist

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving and Christmas which means lots of families are going to be traveling. Hours upon hours in a car can be difficult unless you have an awesome road trip playlist! When you’re married, knowing what to listen to on long trips in the car can be difficult, especially when your husband or wife has completely opposite taste in music. Luckily Dylan … Continue reading Road Trip Playlist

Learn How To Show Interest

Something that I have seen a lot of relationships struggle with (both romantic and platonic) is showing interest in the others likes and dislikes. Something that helped Dylan and I’s relationship dramatically was doing exactly this. Now let me clear something up, showing interest and liking are two very different things. I am not saying you need to like what your friend or spouse likes, … Continue reading Learn How To Show Interest