Another one for the books!

The month of October is filled with birthdays from both Dylan and my side of the family. It’s quite an eventful month but there is one birthday in particular that I love celebrating and that’s Dylan’s!

I have gotten better over the years at planning and gift giving. Our first couple years of marriage I was lack luster in that department. I now spend a couple of weeks before planning things like where to go to dinner? What can we do during the day? What to get him?

Although things might not always go perfectly, and unexpected circumstances like a teething baby with bathroom issues derailed part of Dylan’s birthday plans we still had a blast as family and enjoyed each others company. Every moment we all spend together is magical and worth it.

The original plan was to have Dylan finish work early and go to the pumpkin patch but Emiliana was having a rough morning, a restless nap, and just grumpy all over from her poor teeth coming in. Instead, we relaxed at home, watched movies, and then went to BBQ for dinner. It was a much less elaborate day than original plan but still a great day celebrating our favorite husband and father.

Last year for Dylan’s birthday I got him a bunch of Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec memorabilia because we had just finished the show for the first time ( I know! We were late the party) and were quite obsessed with the show. This year I went a little more practical with my gift giving and gave him things he had been needing.


Happy birthday to all the October birthday’s out there! I hope you have or had the best birthday ever!

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