Our Trip To HeadzUp – Interactive Art

Last week was so stressful for both Dylan and me. I had planned on just sitting and doing nothing all weekend. Thankfully I have a husband who knows me better than I know myself and he had planned the perfect Saturday outing for us that was exactly what I needed.

He did lay on the couch with me all morning binge-watching “Baby Daddy”, our current sitcom that we are watching. Completely unrelated but what sitcoms do you recommend? We love to watch funny shows at the end of the day, so if you know of anything on Netflix or Hulu, please let me know! After we got our fill of TV, Dylan told me to get ready to go out that he had a surprise adventure for me. So off we went to get ready.

First stop was Smoothie King for none other than smoothies. So good, I am still in the debate on if I like them better than Jamba Juice. Both are good, but lately, I’ve been more into Smoothie King.

The official stop was at the Boulevard mall, I thought it was weird that we were going to a mall as his surprise but I went along with it. We went in and went straight to Headz Up, Dylan had told me about this place a while ago and of course, I was excited. Headz up is an interactive 3D art gallery filled with some great pieces of work. We took my camera and got some awesome pictures. To start they give you a brief tutorial as to how each exhibit works and what the signs mean. Then they cut you loose to wander, take pictures and pose as you please. We took so many pictures and all the pieces of art were amazing.


We ended up spending about 2 almost 3 hours in total so for the price, experience and time I totally feel like it is worth it. If you are in Las Vegas or are going to be visiting, this would be a fun stop. I recommend checking out Groupon to see if they have any deals for entrance, makes it even more worth it. Headz up was a great time, I want to go back since they have so many other activities that can be done there from escape rooms to archery tag, both would be fun with a group of friends.


Last stop was Wingstop, basically my favorite place to eat. I love the lemon pepper wings. The day was just perfect, there was relaxation, adventure, and great company. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday.

This week my parents and little sister is coming to visit so I am hoping my energy will be up so we can go out and do things. Being in my second trimester I am starting to feel more energy, but now I am starting to get the lower back pains, itchy and all that stuff. BUT! There is an amazing little human growing and worth every second of it! I will let you guys know soon about my pregnancy thus far as well as my advice! 
Enjoy the pictures and let me know what your favorite is and don’t forget to mention your favorite sitcoms! 

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