You May Not Think So, But Spring Cleaning is Necessary

Hey all! I bet you thought I stopped blogging huh? Nope! Honestly, this last month has been crazy for Dylan and I. Both of our parents visted (more on that in another post!), Dylan has been really busy on his personal project, going to appointments and all of that stuff. It shouldn’t be an excuse but dang, life can be busy (just imagine when our baby comes!)! Anyway, all that aside, I feel like we are back on track and finally are back to normal after a month of adventures and appointments.

So, in case you haven’t noticed, the sun is out a lot longer! And as much as I love the time change it does take some time to adjust but I finally feel adjusted. But with a time change also comes…SPRING! With Spring comes new beginnings and what better way to get a new start than with a deep clean and purge of all the junk we have accumulated. Plus, we need to clear up space for our upcoming new family member!

I watched some of the Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” to try to get some inspiration and learn more about her Konmari method. I took some parts of it like starting with clothes and “does it bring me joy?”. But it was overwhelming to me to deal with the miscellaneous section, it just covered so much (also I couldn’t get behind thanking things, but to each their own!).

I also watched a bunch of YouTube videos of people organizing their homes to get some ideas of what might work for me. It was a lot of fun to get started on and since I broke it up into categories it was easy for me to tackle them and not feel overwhelmed or get too tired from it all.

I want to set the goal to have this be more of a seasonal event rather than a once a year event, because it’s crazy how much we hold on to that really isn’t needed and is just taking up space.

So in order to keep myself accountable I am going to keep track of it all here! Do you participate in spring cleaning? If you do please send me tips! I would love to be more organized and not keep so much of everything. I am glad to be back after that short little break, I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

2 thoughts on “You May Not Think So, But Spring Cleaning is Necessary

  1. I really find it worth the small investment to get storage tubs that stack I’ve used them so much in the past this is going to get me motivated again!

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