Getting in that Thankful Mindset

Happy November! This month we get to celebrate my favorite holiday ever: THANKSGIVING! I’m the person who gets upset when we go from October 31st and all things Halloween to November 1st and suddenly it’s Christmas. WHY does no one care about Thanksgiving? It’s such a special holiday, not for the pilgrim and native American stuff, but because it helps to bring a joy to the season of holidays that without it, it wouldn’t be the same. Once November starts or is getting near I feel myself becoming more aware of everything that I am thankful for.

I have noticed that more often than not I am so focused on the negative that is around me, which ends up having an effect on basically everything else in my life. I’ve been trying to be more aware of where the little blessings in life are and to help me do that I have decided to do a gratitude challenge. So this month, in order to help keep me accountable, every day I’ll be posting on Instagram stories (you can follow me at FieldofEmeralds) something that I am grateful for. The goal of this project is to help me see that there really is so much to be grateful for, whether it just be small things in life or the big obvious blessings. My hope is that by recording this will help remind me in the future of how much I have to be grateful for in life.

I would love to see what you are thankful for, so if you would like use #ThankfulEmerald and at the end of each week I’ll repost to stories so we can help spread the joy! All of us come from different backgrounds and life experiences, often times this may lead to separation because of different beliefs or ideologies, but I believe we should come together and share them, help others understand you better and create friendships that we can be grateful for, especially during this season! 

And for those of you who don’t like Thanksgiving…HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!!!


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