What’s in my Diaper Bag?

Before Emiliana was born I spent hours, weeks even deciding on a diaper bag. I had so many questions. Did I need a big one or a small one? Would a backpack or tote style be better? What color or material? How much storage would I need? I looked into so many brands and styles. I watched YouTube videos of diaper bags. Dylan took me to baby stores and I would just stare at all the bags. During one baby shopping trip, I found an Itzy Ritzy boss backpack that just caught my eye. Did I finally find “the one”? I was in love, I have always been a backpack girl myself, I prefer to have more space than not enough and the design on it was perfect for me. More interesting than plain back, but still neutral and stylish. We went home and I talked about this backpack for almost a week before Dylan decided that he was just going to get it for me rather than have me continue on this never-ending hunt for the perfect diaper bag. Well, turns out that it was love at first sight.

I’ve now been using my Itzy Ritzy backpack for 6 months, and I am happy to report that it is a “boss backpack”. I can fit everything that I could need for Emiliana, myself and even Dylan. It has so many pockets, I love that I have room for more if I need it. I love the style, color, and functionality of it. It comes with a super handy changing pad. The bottom of the bag has a rubber sole, which is amazing for durability and is so easy to clean.

Now for what’s inside of my diaper bag!

Hanging on the outside, I have my Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer holder. A cute fluffy fox, I currently have an orange blossom scent in there.

I’ll start with my stuff and get that out of the way. I have my wallet, and a small pouch that is filled with mommy essentials, this includes:

  • small hairbrush
  • scrunchy and hair tie
  • lip balm and lipstick
  • hand lotion
  • gum
  • Tide pen
  • pen
  • pocket knife
  • baby nail clippers
  • glass cleaner wipes
  • a little baggie with Halls and Aleve
  • period backups

It fits perfectly in the diaper bag and it makes it so easy to grab when I need something since its all together. Another very cool feature of this backpack is that it has a soft lined pocket at the top that a lot of people have said is good for sunglasses, but I use it as my tech pocket. I keep a battery pack, headphones outlet plugin, and screen cleaner in there. I have also put my camera in there during our adventure days so that it is easy to access, I’ll just move everything already in there to my mommy bag. The last of my things is SNACKS! I keep a variety of snacks in here at all times, ranging from juice, water, crackers, granolas, or candy. I keep my snacks in the zippered outside pocket, which is insulated, a nice little feature that will come in handy soon!

Now on to all of Emiliana’s things!

Feeding essentials, in a zippered pocket inside the bag I keep a couple of individual serving packets of her formula, a bib, and a burp rag. I have a thermos that I refill with warm water before we go out, especially on long outing days. I keep her bottle in an insulated pouch on the outside of the bag. Depending on how long we are going to be out, I will throw an extra empty bottle inside the bag. I love that we have room to grow in this backpack! Now that Emiliana has started eating solid foods, I’ll have to start packing some for our long outing days, and I have the space to do so!DSC01619

Changing essentials, like I mentioned earlier the bag itself comes with a changing pad. Along with the changing pad, I have diapers and wipes. I try to keep at least 5 diapers in here at all times.DSC01622

Blanket, backup clothes and toys, I always have a blanket in here for Emiliana. She won’t sleep without one. The one I usually have in here is a lightweight muslin swaddle. It’s easy to fold up and I can put it in a pocket that is close to the top and easy to access. Back up clothes is a must since I never know when an accident might happen. I keep a sleeper, onesie, pants, socks and a bow for her just in case anything ever happens. The toys sit at the top of everything else since it’s what comes in and out of the bag the most often. I try to have 2 toys at all times to keep her entertained.DSC01623

I love my diaper bag. I love that it can hang on the stroller, or if I chose to carry it, it doesn’t feel so heavy. When we first moved to Texas, we went to the Texas State Fair, I wore the backpack the whole day because I completely forgot about the clips to hang it on the stroller. I love all the storage that it has, I haven’t even filled all the pockets! The 2 flap pockets are usually empty and the big pouch as well. If I ever do put something in there its car keys, my sunglasses, phone or anything that might be in my hands that I need to just put down and away. I have gotten so many compliments on my diaper bag and I can’t say enough good things!DSC01631

What do you or did you keep in your diaper bag for your baby? Let me know in the comments below!

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