The Best Gift You Can Give on Valentine’s Day


So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a day when husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends can show and express their love and appreciation (though hopefully you are doing that everyday!) and perhaps some individuals are preparing to share their hidden feelings for that special someone. Though I understand some individuals may really dislike this day, I am extremely excited for it! Dylan always goes all out for it or does his absolute best to make it as romantic as possible. Now what I am about to share may not be the best gift for everyone, but I know if you do this it will be an amazing and cherished gift.

Many people may be expecting jewlery, games, clothes etc. but something they most likely aren’t expecting is a hand-written letter telling them how you feel for them, what you admire about them, what you want to be with them, what attracts you to them, how much you care/love them. That’s right, an old-fashioned middle school letter (or at least that’s what we did in middle school)! Basic? Yes. Expensive? No. Full of meaning? AB-SO-LUTELY!

Not every persons love language is words of affirmation (words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, gifts, acts of service) but sometimes taking the time to write out you feelings is one of the strongest most thoughful gifts you can give. I still have the first letter Dylan gave me and all of his other ones and they are some of my most cherished posessions! Again, not every persons love language falls in this category, and if you are getting them a gift there should at least be one thing that appeals to their love language, but I promise, your husband and or wife will truly appreciate a well thoughout and hand written letter (unless they don’t have a soul…)!

What are other Valentine’s Day gifts you think are special or a must have generally speaking? Are you going anywhere special? Let me know in the comments!

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