Don’t Let 2019 Or Any Year Dictate How Successful You Are

Happy New Year’s everybody! Yeah, I know I am a few days late, it has been really busy for Dylan and I. That being said, let me tell you about our New Year’s. Originally, Dylan and I were going to go to the Strip and enjoy all the festivities there and watch the fireworks, however, I felt sick. So, we decided not to go out, especially because the temperature outside was under 40 degrees. That doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun! Dylan took me to get some really nice steaks to cook and make a really nice dinner for us. Dylan has been getting really into cooking and barbequing lately and as his wife, I approve (haha)! He made a really nice steak dinner for us and I made us a dessert with my brand new Kitchen Aid! That right, Kitchen Aid! You’ll definetley be seeing more videos and recipe shares this upcoming year. Other than eating a nice dinner, we played Mario Party on our Switch, watched movies, and still enjoyed all the fireworks on the Strip from our place.

All that being said, New Year’s means a lot of goals are going to be made, and a lot of goals are going to be broken. Dylan and I have made goals of our own, as individuals and as a family. One of mine is to be much more serious about writing on my blog, making videos, sharing recipes, making more dresses, skirts and more! It really is a fresh start mentally and gives the opportunity for people to measure their success and accomplishments. But somewhere along the way, people fall short, give up, or it just isn’t important to them anymore. Then next year comes around, eveyone starts posting on social media that “this year is my year!” and then part way through the new year they are right back where they are and they wait and wait for the new year to start over.

Though the new year may be a way to measure goals and everything, you can start them at any time! If you fall short this year, if you start strong and fall off the path along the way or you just give up, it doesn’t mean you can’t start again! You don’t have to wait until 2020 to start over. Work extra hard if you are just a bit short, if you waited 6 months to start that diet, the important thing is you start it, if you have a business goal, go for it! Whatever you goals are, you do not have to measure your success by year, we are all part of this thing called life, stop comparing yourselves to others, and their goals and success because no one wins the game of keeping up with the Jones’. That’s all I wanted to share, I will share more next week but honestly, I am still sick (ew)! Happy New Years everyone! Now go out and accomplish your goals!


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