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Our Feature Story on Inspire Your Marriage

Hey Everyone! First off, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! So something I totally forgot to tell you all is recently Dylan and I were recently featured on Inspire Your Marriage. Essentially, it is a site full of stories from everyday couples and their marriages and the struggles they go through. It is great for anyone who is newly married and going through … Continue reading Our Feature Story on Inspire Your Marriage

1 Year Anniversary in Las Vegas

Flashback to September 1, 2017. Dylan and I had just graduated from BYU-I back in July, we had a month left in our apartment contract which we dedicated to looking for work. The thing was WHERE?!?! After much debate, and wanting to be out on our own, we decided on Las Vegas. Dylan had been getting interviews, but all of them wanted him to fly … Continue reading 1 Year Anniversary in Las Vegas

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Birthday Celebration

I love birthdays! Birthdays celebrate another year of life and all of its experiences. This year for my birthday, I was spoiled by my wonderful husband, family, and friends. My family in Texas sent me a cute birthday package, that I waited patiently for Sunday to open. There were lots of fun little treats in there! My family in Arizona woke me up with a … Continue reading Birthday Celebration