Emiliana’s Journal: 4 Months

Emiliana turned 4 months right before all the Christmas madness that I never got around to writing an update. Now that everything has settled and the Christmas decorations have come down, new year goals have been made, and life is starting to get back to a sense of normal, I finally sat down to write all about Emiliana!

Everyday that passes, Our sweet little girl grows so much! Why can’t she just stay tiny? Emiliana’s current favorite things are her fox stuffed animal, her pacifier, sleeping, and talking. She loves to talk, all the time! It will be the dead of night and she will just start chatting up a storm or if people are having a conversation she wants to participate too! She spends the majority of her day babbling about who knows what. It makes our after nap conversations a lot more entertaining since she now actively participates.

Emiliana still hates tummy time, but has figured out how to roll over in all that frustration. She will now roll from her tummy to her back and from her back to her tummy. The times that we put her to sleep for nap time on our bed we need to create a barrier around her to try to prevent her from rolling off the bed.

She no longer wants to lay in her swing during dinner, now she wants to be apart of the dinner. Emiliana will sit in her Bumbo and bask in the attention that everyone gives her and if she’s not getting it she will make sure she will but letting out a scream to remind everyone that she is there. 82358603_2253150461453092_8246172436194656256_n

Emiliana has gained further access to her hands and feet. She reaches for everything that comes near her, she might not always be able to grab it, but she sure will try. She plays with her feet a lot more and loves to stand! Bath time has become the splash zone. Everyone involved will end up wet, and she will make sure of it!

A couple of this months biggest moments:

Emiliana’s first holiday parade, Fort Worth Holiday Parade. She did really good up until a fire truck blew it’s horn and terrified her. 82106570_2563775000387311_7303133686851960832_n

Emiliana’s First Thanksgiving82382003_464838767560718_5677012983587274752_n

Winter photos at a Christmas Tree Farm

Pictures with Santa

It has been so much fun seeing her grow and develop, she has learned so much in these 4 months and has accomplished even more. Every time a I look at her I am astonished by the little miracle that she is.


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